Master the seasons with the Milesian calendar. Conversion and display JS routines.

The Milesian Calendar laboratory

The applications developped from the concept of Milesian calendar may be seen here. All files are grouped in this sub-repertory. In this version (30 Dec. 2020) there is only one milesian clock, and one test page for Unicode / ECMA new developements.

The Milesian clock

Read thereal date and the time, convert from and to custom calendars, display custom and Unicode calendars get the mean moon’s coordinates, the seasons, and the yearly main figures in Gregorian, Milesian and Julian calendars.

Link to the Milesian clock

Calendrical computations and Date object extension by Miletus

Demonstration and test of extensions.

Link to the demo extension

The light Milesian clock

These clocks stick to the system’s time.

Milesian clock, HTML page